Personalised Video

As the name suggests this service is very personal to the customer. You may have tried some shots/routines/movements from the online coaching videos. Or there might be one part of your game that you a really struggling with. It’s really hard when practicing/playing to know if you are playing shots with the right technique, or moving with the correct footwork. Especially if you are trying to change a habit ! This is where I come in.

For only £15, send a short video of you practicing the shot/movement you are struggling with. I will then watch the video and send you a video response personal to you, explaining exactly what needs work and how you can make the improvements in that area. 

Members will receive a 10% discount. 


Instructions for video submission:

  • Save the file name as your FULL name
  • Maximum file size of 250MB
  • Send file to me using including your email address
  • For members: to receive your 10% discount – use the email address you subscribed with, and request the discount in the message section when uploading your video. 

To receive your analysis:

  • When I receive your email, I will send you a Paypal invoice for £15
  • You can pay by Paypal or using your credit/debit card
  • Once payment is received, I will download and analyse your video
  • Once I have completed your personal video. I will upload the video to
  • I will then email you a link and a password for you to access your video
  • Click on the link – then type in the password provided
  • You will then be able to view and download your personal video
  • When you have downloaded it, please email me to confirm so I can take the video down from Vimeo

Estimated turnaround time 7-10 days from receipt of payment